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Merseyside Police goes digital to recruit Special Constables and Volunteers

News   •   Dec 20, 2018 14:58 GMT

Merseyside Police are pleased to announce that a new way of recruitment has been launched aiming to ease the process of volunteers joining the Force.

This project, which is part of a national pilot funded by the Home Office, launched today (18th December.It seeks to create a more ‘user friendly’ digital application process for Special Constables and volunteers as well as a platform for continued communication with candidates.

There are many benefits of this recruitment process for both the applicant and the Force alike, including its simplicity, ability to provide virtual tours of different departments, advertisement space for specific roles and filtering tool to ensure the best candidates are recruited.

Inspector Tom Welch said: “In a nutshell - the new process, based primarily online, will be a one-stop-shop for recruiting volunteers across all roles within policing.

“We noticed that the current volunteer recruitment process was labour-intensive, bureaucratic, long-winded and ultimately out dated which often left candidates in the dark for some considerable time between applying for the role and actually joining the Force, which is absolutely ridiculous.

“Because of this, a change needed to be made. We’re excited to pilot this new system and hope that the digitalisation of applications will mean more candidates apply and our volunteer network, which is hugely valued as a vital part of Merseyside Police, grows with successful and skilled members of our community.”

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