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Food for police officers due to work LFC victory parade donated to Whitechapel Centre

News   •   May 13, 2019 13:46 BST

City centre inspector Geoff Stewart (left) and Russell Ainslie, outreach manager for the Whitechapel Centre

Food for hundreds of officers who would have policed Liverpool’s Premier League victory parade today, Monday 13th May, has been donated to the Whitechapel Centre.

The 300 packed lunches – including sandwiches and fruit - had been prepared in advance for officers and staff who would have been involved in policing the celebratory bus parade through the city, which had been planned to take place this afternoon.

Chief Inspector Chris Hitchell said: “Events such as this take lots of advance planning. We anticipated that a lot of people would want to turn out to celebrate with the team and we had a number of officers in place along the parade route and in our joint control centre to ensure the event would have gone ahead smoothly.

“We have a duty to look after the welfare and needs of our staff and we had food prepared for them in advance.

“I am a Liverpool fan so I was gutted with the result but I am pleased that this food hasn’t gone to waste.

“We continue to work closely with the Whitechapel Centre and I am delighted that we could donate this food to them.”

A representative from the charity collected the food from Canning Place HQ at lunchtime.

Russell Ainslie, outreach manager for the Whitechapel Centre, said: “We are very grateful for the donation of food and for Merseyside Police thinking of us.

“Our clients at Labre House will really enjoy this tonight.”